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Borderline Personality Disorder Comes Slowly Out of the Shadows

Red Brick WallAs an attorney who litigates Borderline divorces in Los Angeles and who consults nationally and internationally with spouses of Borderlines, attorneys and child custody evaluators, watching Borderline Personality Disorder (“BPD”) slowly emerge from the shadows  into public awareness is extremely exciting.  In 2011, Marshall Brandon, who played NFL football with the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins before being traded to the Chicago Bears, publicly announced he had been diagnosed with BPD.  An article published online by ESPN in February 2011, covered how Marshall Brandon stepped up to be a spokesperson for BPD diagnosis and treatment. He founded Project Borderline and the Brandon Marshall Foundation.  Other BPD suffers have come forward as well like Susanna Kaysen (“Girl Interrupted”).

Over the last 10 years, the internet has brought BPD into the open and exposed this previously unknown and misunderstood personality disorder.  Dozens, if not hundreds, of websites now exist that address BPD. Treatment centers, alternative modalities of treatment, support groups, blogs and other resources are available to those who suffer from BPD and to those who are in interpersonal relationships with a BPD.

While psychologists and psychiatrists struggle to find effective treatment modalities for BPDs, the chances of a person who suffers from borderline personality disorder “recovering” remains abysmally low.

Although it is beyond the scope of this blog to discuss how and why BPDs choose the partners they choose, the fact remains that most borderline relationships end in disaster, including divorce.

Few attorneys and even fewer judges understand borderline personality disorder. There is a dearth of divorce attorneys who understand that Borderline divorces must be handled differently from garden variety divorces. Critically, many judges fail to understand that until the psychological dynamics that are driving the Borderline conflict are identified and addressed, the divorce will resist resolution. This, in turn, will lead to never ending litigation which will eventually destroy the entire family financially and as a family unit. The courts are completely oblivious to the fact that, their golden intentions notwithstanding, when it comes to  Borderline divorces, they are destroying America one family at a time.

It is wonderful that society in general, and the mental health community in particular, is finally funding and providing the resources necessary to help those who suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder. Unfortunately, when all else fails and you realize you have been hitting your head against a brick wall for years and that you have no other choice but to divorce your Borderline spouse, you will find it nearly impossible to find an attorney with the skill, understanding, compassion, fortitude and experience necessary to successfully litigate a Borderline divorce. As far as I know, I am the only attorney in America whose practice is limited to litigating  Borderline divorces and to consulting nationally and internationally with divorce attorneys, their clients and health care professionals. Over the years, I have consulted with people in India, South Africa, Germany, Canada and France as well as with hundreds of people from 25 or more States. These consultations are personally very rewarding because I get to help many more people than I could ever help litigating cases in Los Angeles County.

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